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The Article #1001-

Being Prepared for the Big Race!

By Captain Hammer

One of things that separate the average driver from the Great Drivers is preparation. I am not just talking about being "In the box" on race day, but being physically and mentally prepared for the race.

How many times have you seen somebody (or done this yourself!) stayed up until all hours of the morning trying to thrash a racecar together, just to realize that some sleep was needed? Yes, I have done this too. I know that you are thinking "What is this all leading up to?" Let me tell you: Being prepared is different than being 'In the box'.

When you think that the race car being ready is enough, are YOU ready? Did you get enough sleep? Did you eat right? Did you lay off the bad stuff? I know that these things are essential to winning a race. Been there, done that, got the t-shirts. I have paid the price over and over for violating these few priciples of preparation. It is important to follow at least these few rules.

How about mental preparation? Did you get your practice time at the track? I am not talking about just at the local track, but the track you are racing on that weekend! OK, you say, it's 200 miles it worth it? How bad do you want to win?? It's up to you to decide this, but I can tell you this much-before the Nat's this year, I WILL go practice at Buena Park!! I do NOT want to blow it and not make the main!! Get together with the other guys that are going and carpool to the track and practice like there's just 1 Nat's left to be run.

Are you still preparing as you set up your pit area? Go through your mental checklist (or use a paper/digital one) to make sure that everything's out and ready. I set out tires, motors, gears, an axle, axle spacers, a flag, body pins, anything I think I might need in the heat of the battle.

I am still preparing by watching my opponenet's weak spots as they practice-are they having trouble anywhere? Are they slow up the donut? Do they have problems with a certain turn? I use this to get inside their heads and put it to them at the right time. Before the power comes on-stretch and take a few deep breaths to clear your head, then focus on doing the deed. This is a plan for success, my friends.

So after all of this, have I got across a message to you yet? How bad do you want to win?? I think you have the idea by now. Thanks for listening.

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