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The Article #1002-

The No-Can Resin Body Racer!

By Ray Stankewitz
Photos by Captain Hammer

I want to give you a little background on this article. I am building a car for a VMRA class called 'No-Can Resin Body'. It is a vintage Dynamic Chassis/Revell RP77 combo with a Resilient Resins Lola T70 roadster body.

Here are a few teaser pictures of the actual body and the chassis.

Resilient Resin Lola T70   Dynamic Chassis

Another look-after smoothing out the excess resin that is common to resin cast bodies, the body was primered today, May 28th. I am not going show the painted body just yet-it has the color coat but hasn't been cleared yet!

The primered body

the body is coming together nicely, and we will be ordering a new chassis that accepts bushings to repair a problem with worn axle holes. We are however still in search of black donuts that will finish out at 1 1/16" in dia. Anybody have a source?

Douglas Haynes was kind enough to email a set of instructions on the care and feeding of his Resilient Resin bodies. There was so much good info that it garnered a page of it's own.

Go HERE for the whole schmoe from the master of resin!

Update-May 28th. My day job has been keeping me busy so the project was delayed just a little. Be patient as we are shooting for the first week of June on this one! I may have to fab some body mounts as the ones I ordered will not be here in time. See you soon!

Update-June 18th. I have been called to sit in judgement of my fellow man, so things have been going very slow. I have the base coats down, but the clear coat is still waiting for an evening that is not too hot and the humidity is low. Clear lacquer is a fussy thing to shoot, so it has to be dry to prevent blushing of the clear coat. Hang in there, we're just as anxious to finish as everyone else is!

Another Update-June 22nd. The first of many clear coats of duplicolor™ Clear have been applied. The weather co-operated for a change and I got about 3 coats on. There are about 12 more to go, so stay tuned!

Another update-October 1st. The paintwork is done, all that is left to do is to get the body mounted. This is sthe problem-another so-called resin guru said to use Brand X glue to attach the mounting posts-which didn't work. The glue lost adhesion and the posts came off, causing another problem-the correct glue won't stick. Until I figure this out, we are on the back burner now. I will put a note on the front page when this is taken care of.

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